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Tina Bojanowski, D-Louisville, and Rep. Kim Banta, R-Ft. Mitchell, presented Bill Request 176: A Joint Resolution Related to School Accountability, to the committee. “We would like to develop a committee that evaluates flexibility in the federal required assessments, so that we can have accountability measures that don’t just provide data to the state at the end of the year, but that they also provide information that can drive instruction,” Bojanowski said. According to the presentation, Kentucky requires more testing for K-12 students than the federal government requires and spends roughly $21 million assessments each year. Individual districts also spend millions on testing each year. Bojanowski and Banta have several concerns with the current accountability system. According to their presentation, the current system results in test-based instruction and does not give teachers information that improves instruction, among other concerns. If passed, BR 176 would require that, “the commissioner of education to convene a strategic Assessment and Accountability Committee to examine opportunities to improve the approach to assessment and accountability.” The committee would be required to report their findings to the Interim Joint Committee on Education by Dec.

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